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Welcome to the Bally Total Fitness/AFAA Web Portal! This portal has been designed by AFAA, the "World's Largest Fitness and Telefitness® Educator" to provide Bally Total Fitness employees with access to the following:

  1. Certification Workshop Registration (held at a fitness facility; 25% discount *)

  2. Continuing Education Workshop Registration (held at a fitness facility; 25% discount *)

  3. Online Certification Courses (conducted entirely online; 35% discount *)

  4. Special Recertification Discount Packages * on Online Video Corners® (Videos streamed online)

As Bally Total Fitness employees, you are eligible to access the above registrations and courses at a significant discount; however, registration must occur via this portal for the discount to be applicable.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with access to the above and look forward to assisting you with your educational goals.

* Discounts will be applied at checkout and may not be combined

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